Maybelline Color Show trio

Hello all!
Today is the National Day of Sweden, hip hooray! It is celebrated to commemorate several historical events, but the most significant one is the election of Gustav Vasa as king in 1523. This marked the end of the Kalmar Union, a period of about 150 years when Scandinavia was ruled by the same monarch. This union was the creation of the marvelous queen Margaret, but nobody commemorates her legacy any more.

Now, lacking the wit to come up with a proper segue (work has numbed my brain), I’ll just jump straight to the three polishes I have for you today. Yesterday I popped by my local H&M and failed miserably at not buying nail polish. Lets see what I came home with.

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot - Shooting Stars.  #Glitter #Nailpolish

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot - Shooting Stars.  #Glitter #Nailpolish

Maybelline Color Show – Shooting Stars
This thingy slayed me. Just look at it! Bear in mind blue is my least favourite colour for manicures, and I still adore this. It’s a squishy, deep jelly, reminds me of Nyx Girls Ink Heart, jam packed with matte black and white hexes in different sizes. Two easy coats and a little dabbing. Topped with Seche Vite, eats top coat.

Maybelline Color Show - Winter Baby. #Nailpolish #jelly #white

Maybelline Color Show - Winter Baby. #Nailpolish #jelly #white

Maybelline Color Show – Winter Baby
I’m always at the lookout for the perfect white polish and couldn’t resist this. The clerk told me it was a creme but it turned out to be a wonderful jelly, I’d call it a dupe of OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu. This is two thick coats, no top coat, dry time was on the longer side but still acceptable. Couldn’t quite capture the squishiness, but it’s there!

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot - Rain Forest Canopy. #Nailpolish #Glitter

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dot - Rain Forest Canopy. #Nailpolish #Glitter

Maybelline Color Show – Rain Forest Canopy
This is less of a jelly, more a crelly. Exact same glitter mix as Shooting Stars but in a green-leaning turquoise base. Doesn’t have as much punch as Shooting Stars, it’s more the quiet twin. This is also two coats topped with Seche Vite.

Aren’t they pretty? I recommend them all. I’m very surprised but happy to find a mainstream brand leaching on indie brand creativity. What do you think of these?

Maybelline Color Show - Polka Dot bottles

14 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Show trio

  1. Men attan då! Var på H&M idag och missade de där totalt. :P Kan iofs bero på att jag var på mascarajakt för en gångs skull. ;)

    • Å vad synd, jag glömde ju skriva att de var nedsatta just nu! 29 istället för 39. Hehe, undrar om det finns några bloggar uteslutande om mascara.. :D

    • Visst är de! Helt oväntat att hitta glitterjellies på mitt lilla HM.
      Aw jag behövde verkligen en award just nu och å vad fint du skriver om mig! Hela veckans jobbstress blev liksom lite lättare nu <3 Tack fina!

  2. Lägg ägg så snygga de var då. Kanske skulle smyga förbi H&M i nästa vecka. Som om jag behöver nya lack. :/

    Du har fått en award av mig! Såklart. :)

    • Man behöver alltid nya lack :)
      Tack fina för awarden, du anar inte vad bra tajming du har! Behövde lite lööve precis nu :D

  3. Jag var såå nära på att köpa dessa häromdagen, men ställde dem nästan lika hastigt tillbaka när jag kom på att jag redan hade alldeles för mycket lack hemma. Tji fick jag, de är ju hur vackra som helst! Jag blir nog tvungen att införskaffa de här lacken trots allt. ;)

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