Scratch Nails: the blues

Today I’ve been resting (finally) and recreating by putting together a little overview for you. These blue quadruplets are signed Marie Houston, the creative force behind Swedish vegan brand Scratch Nails.

The blues of Scratch Nails

I love that Marie lets her polishes take time and that every shade is inspired by something that is significant to her personally. Her brand is like a stress-free zone. For example, one of these shades is inspired by her sister’s swimming pool.

All swatches are topped with Seche Vite.

Baby Blue Pearl by Swedish brand Scratch Nails. Baby Blue Pearl
Aptly named. Baby blue, pearl finish with a metallic feel. There is a slight green tinge that doesn’t show in the bottle but makes the end result both soft and icy. Two coats.

Inkie Pinkie by Swedish brand Scratch Nails. Inkie Pinkie
This creme is inspired by the colour of fountain pen ink. Dark navy blue. In my opinion, it is also that perfect jean shade I crave when wearing jeans and a simple white top. Two coats, could be one.
I love ink! Whenever someone I know travels to Egypt, China or Turkey I always ask them to bring me a bottle of ink.

Sapphire by Swedish brand Scratch Nails. Sapphire
Sapphire is a medium blue, cool toned, pearl finish that almost feels like glass. It has a little blurple vibe in the bottle but on the nail it’s a deep, straight forward, sapphire blue with a silver gray flash. Almost identical in shade to the Star of Bombay. Two coats.

Turquoise by Swedish brand Scratch Nails. Turquoise
Dude, you should see this in sunshine. It GLOWS. Pearl finish, deep blue-leaning turquoise with tiny green micro shimmer. A real cornea scratcher. Made for sunny days. Two coats.

Inkie Pinkie is from the Classic Creams collection, the other three are from the Jewelery Box collection. The formula on these varied a bit, creme finish Inkie Pinkie being the easiest to manage for an untrained hand. The other three have a slightly watery formula, but with long strokes to avoid brush marks and a good blob of polish on one side of the brush, you’ll have no problems at all. I think they are well worth the slower application. Some shrinkage did occur in combination with Seche Vite.
If I have to pick a favourite (for right now)… I’d go for Baby Blue Pearl, it’s just so light, icy and summery fresh.

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6 thoughts on “Scratch Nails: the blues

  1. Åh, scratch är veganska alltså! Fy vad härligt! Jag har letat som en dåre för att hitta om de var cruelty free ju! De borde skylta med det mer, tycker jag. Fantastiskt märke, och fantastiska blåa lack!

    • Javisst! Jag tror de mixas i frankrike, så de är inte tillverkade av barn i bangladesh heller :D Älskar dem! visst borde de skylta mer med hur bra de är?

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