About TMF

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My love for nail polish was born a concrete-gray winter in the city when I had a mind-numbing temp job which involved using formerly clean computer keyboards for a large portion of the day. I also had no room for my usual hobbies and was in serious need of a creative outlet.

One day I happened to wear a random pink nail polish and suddenly I had something pretty to look at instead of the keyboard grit. I started gifting myself new polishes to brighten up work, turning my nails into ten little portable canvases that contained all my creative energy. It took me a few months to quit that job, but by then I was hooked on nail polish. And here I am, years later, with a hobby that keeps evolving and that I want to share and document.

(Find more of my nail history here.)

4 thoughts on “About TMF

  1. Hi Mona!
    Omg, I’m in love with your blog!
    I may have to order myself a Black Friday gel lacquer xoxo. Just subbed to your blog :). Feel free to stop by to say hello <3. —Lisa Estrella

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