Nordic Nails 1.6

Claws in Color
Cactus’ Nail Polish Blog
Coewless Nail Polish
Colourize Me
Edgy Polish
My Awesome Beauty
Nailin’ It!

Nails by Noir

One Inch Nails
Pretty Perfect Beauty

Purity Beauty
RijaH Neglelak- & skønhedsblog
Sminkan & Emma
Tasty Tips Blog

International Nails 1.0

Accio Lacquer
Bibulle Nail Art
Chalkboard Nails
Let Them Have Polish

More Nail Polish
My Little Vanities
Samarium’s Swatches
Sonidlo’s Nail Polishes
The Polish Addict
The Polished Perfectionist

Vampy Varnish

This & that 1.0
Seamstress Maddie provides history, lessons, tutorials on everything and anything related to design.

The Wonder Forest
Make your own chalkboard paint, find business inspiration, get fun blog design tips and buy templates. Courtesy of graphic artist Dana.

Wild Olive
Mollie shares patterns, printables, embroidery basics, and prayers.

Maria shares her inspiring journey from Norway to Bolivia, towards realizing her dream of shaping her home with her own hands. (In Swedish.)

Design for Mankind
Fellow slow blogger Erin describes her blog as an ongoing dinner party conversation with me and the people/objects/ideas that inspire me from a variety of mediums.

Founded by NYU’s Mohamed Elshahed a few weeks after the revolution 2011, this chronicle reflects the change taking place in Cairo every day since. Architecture, street art, new festivals – and so much more.

Fröken Fynd
Personal blog of beauty consultant miss Fynd, a fellow DIYer who has her own zoo (I’m serious) and frequent blog sales of just about everything that is fun and unique. In Swedish.

Sannas Photoshoprecept
Sanna shares her recipies for creating Photoshop effects. (In Swedish but richly illustrated.)

All the blog decorations I haven’t done myself are courtesy of wonderful Jess. Check out her blog bling freebies, try her recipe for pizza soup, or pop by her shop.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts (och hej alla modersmålstalare) <3

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