What I wore to work

Lovely, wonderful, cuddly Saturday, how I have longed for your tender embrace!
(Well, actually it’s Sunday, but I wrote this post yesterday and forgot to publish…).

I’ve just managed to pull myself together after a very rough first week at work. The amount of information us newbies have assimilated is overwhelming. The first three days we only had time for itty little 3 minute breaks when hauled between conference rooms. Ample time to choose between peeing and fetching a glass of water. I’m a happy wreck now.

First two days I wore Essie Navigate Her, but you’ll forgive me for not even thinking of taking any photos. The remaining three days I really was in need of a buoy and reached out to lovely semi-conservative China Glaze Life Preserver.

China Glaze - Life Preserver. 1 coat and top coat.

Life Preserver is an old favourite from the Anchors Away spring collection of  2011 (wow, time flies). It has an inexplicable shade, a soft burnt orange… I almost want to call it pastel. I’m sure there’s white in there. Amazing and unique shade.

China Glaze - Life Preserver. 1 coat and top coat.

It’s a one coater, which was exactly what I needed Tuesday evening when I had about 6 calories of energy to spare for a quick manicure change and some snapshots. With Seche Vite wear time was fantastic, it actually lasted until this morning.

China Glaze - Life Preserver

Do you remember this beauty? 2011 seems a lifetime ago. I wish I had backups, this might be one of my top 5 China Glazes ever.

China Glaze - Life Preserver. 1 coat and top coat.

And, now that I know what I’m up against at work, it’ll be easier to plan my days and squeeze some blogging and manicures in during week days too. Also, turns out my office has no nail-dress code which means crazy manicures here I come. Yay!


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