What I didn’t wear to work: the Futura manicure

Hi again! This is the actual Sunday post :)

I decided to try my tape skills on my last manicure before I took it off. I’m a huge lover of fonts and typography in general, and right now I’m on a Futura high. It’s a wonderfully geometric font designed in the late 1920-ies, and is the mother of many fonts. It was the favourite font of Kubrick and is the official IKEA catalog font, and is used for the V-logo from the movie V for Vendetta. But enough Futura-trivia and on to my little tribute!

Typography tape manicure - Futura letter M

It was a chore cutting the tape into stripes, and as you see they varied in size which means I will be trying this many more times until I perfect it.

Font shaped tape manicure - Futura letter M

If you recognize this mani, you’ll also know it’s inspired by the mother of tape nail art Jane from Nailside. Check out her tutorial for tape manicures, get your tape, and play around with your existing manicure before you take it off. It’s fun and easy! Just be sure to take the tape off as quickly as possible.

Font shaped tape manicure - Futura letter M

The polishes used are: China Glaze Life Preserver, China Glaze Sea Spray, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue. One coat of each. Topped with Seche Vite.

Font shaped tape manicure - Futura letter M.

Tape manicures are my favourite way of salvaging a tip-worn manicure or just for jazzing up a boring day. My first 50 ones were a disaster, but I’m a firm believer of practice making perfect.
Check out and learn from tape manicure masters, for example:
Sophie from My Awesome Beauty
Sarah from Chalkboard Nails.


2 thoughts on “What I didn’t wear to work: the Futura manicure

  1. That’s a really cute mani. The colour combination is great. I think I need to go looking for a blue like the one you used. Maybe it could be a reason to buy my very first Sally Hansen polish…

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