Lush Lacquer: Black Friday. A possible birthday manicure?

I’ve been going through my stash trying to decide what to treat my nails with on my upcoming big birthday. I want something fun and confetti-like that screams 30 is the new 10! so I don’t have to hire a birthday clown to prove something.
Maybe this polish is it?

Lush Lacquer Black Friday, one coat on black.

Black Friday has a sheer black base packed with tiny red & blue bar glitter, same sized pink, yellow, green and red hex glitter plus a little larger hex purple, red and blue glitter. All glitters are matte, which I love.

Lush Lacquer Black Friday, one coat on black.
This is one coat of Black Friday on a regular black creme. I used the dabbing method and topped with Seche Vite. The yellow glitter and the blue bar glitter tends to drown a bit in the black base, but not completely.

Lush Lacquer Black Friday, one coat on black.
The base being tinted black makes this polish almost impossible to layer on any other colour than black. It needs about 3 coats to be opaque by itself, but in my opinion that many coats would kill the confetti-effect by an overdose of glitter.

Lush Lacquer Black Friday, one coat on black.
Just look at that, look at that fantastic confetti bomb that went off on my nails!

I think it’s kind of metal, too, the base being black. I’m very reluctant to admit this, but my brain is dragging me towards associating Black Friday with the madly disturbing Metalocalypse character Doctor Rockso, the rock & roll clown. If you get no mental images here I beg you not to google him, you’ll be scarred for life if you do. Consider yourself warned.

Black Friday is the main reason I placed a huge order of minis with Lush Lacquer a few months ago and it has not disappointed. What do you think, is this my birthday manicure?

Find your Lush Lacquers on Llarowe or on Etsy.
A full sized bottle retails from 9 to 11 USD
(60-75 SEK)

13 thoughts on “Lush Lacquer: Black Friday. A possible birthday manicure?

  1. Dumma Bloglovin’ har inte låtit mig veta att du har gjort en himla massa fina manikyrer. Det här var ju superfint och jag älskar din bilder. :)

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