Some thoughts on color correcting and editing nail photos

Hello all!

I’m back from an impromptu trip to the island of Åland, making the most of my last days of independence. I happened to arrive on a national holiday and the whole city of Mariestad felt like an abandoned film set. After walking for a few hours I found the only open restaurant on the whole island, a pizzeria that served excellent hair. The next day I got to see one of the world’s two remaining authentic pirate flags, hand-stitched and sun bleached, which off course completely blew my mind. All in all, it was a good getaway.

Now I’m back I home in Sweden, editing photos and counting the days until Monday.

I wanted to share with you a few of my thoughts about editing manicure photos. They are, after all, the core of a manicure blog and I really enjoy the process of making them both pretty and colour accurate. Being true to the original colour of the polish is always my top priority, and I guarantee you I would never post a picture that doesn’t depict the polish as truthful as possible.

I currently use a very old version of Adobe Lightroom. Here are some some screen shots of my standard colour corrections, for your reference:

About editing and color correcting nail polish photos
LNWY was a particularly difficult polish to edit because it has so many different colours. In the before-photo you’ll notice that the red glitters are too saturated, the yellow ones are too bright, and the base colour a bit too dark:

About editing and colour correcting nail polish photos.jpg

The after-picture is more truthful, no? But I still have very much to learn. For example, how to avoid the strange yellow line at the bottom of my nail, and how to make the closeups less grainy. But I think the latter is a problem with my camera’s lens.

I want to stress that if my skin tone looks weird on some of the photos, it probably is because I had to chose between a colour accurate manicure and a colour accurate hand. I will always go for the colour accurate manicure.

The last step of editing is usually enhancing brightness and desaturating my skin tone to make it less dominant, like below. Sometimes I make the shadows less dark too, but that’s really tricky – if I overdo it my hands look like something that crawls around on Halloween.

If you have any tips for me, or any questions, I’d love to hear them. Leave me a comment or drop a line here. Now I shall continue editing my next manicure post! Thanks for stopping by.



2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on color correcting and editing nail photos

  1. Tack för bra inlägg! Jag håller helt med dig, fotoredigeringen är en väldigt rolig del av denna hobby. Från att jag började med att mest vara intresserad av lacken, så har faktiskt fotandet och redigeringen tagit över som kanske den största glädjen.
    Jag längtar tills jag investerat i ett nytt Lightroom, idag blir det mest enkla grejer i iPhoto.
    Hoppas på fler bra fotoinlägg, du tar ju alltid så superbra bilder. :-)

    • Det var faktiskt riktigt kul att skriva fotoinlägg, kanske kommer fler såna.. :) kanske redigeringsinlägg också? vill dela med mig av vad jag lärt, men måtse bli bättre först, är inte riktigt nöjd med hudtonen just nu. Hoppas jag kan ta lite utomhusbilder nu i sommar också, skulle vara kul att hitta tillbaka till det!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts (och hej alla modersmålstalare) <3

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