Naild’it Unique Nail Polish: Lego No Way Yo

Sunday! Only two more weekends until I start my new serious job, and I’m busy weltering in all those untrieds that aren’t office appropriate.

Naild’it Lego No Way Yo is a wonderfully playful little thing that makes me wish I had a kid in preschool. Isn’t it aptly named? This really is Lego in a bottle.

One smooth coat of Naild'it Lego No Way Yo on China Glaze Starboard.

I layered one coat of LNWY over China Glaze Starboard, with Seche Vite on top. It required some fishing and placing, but only of the largest square glitters. You will definitely need a top coat to keep all those pieces of Lego on your nail.

Andrea describes her creation as such:

“Lego blocks… that is just what this polish is meant to represent! Standard primary colors and a hint of micro glitters, the hexes, squares and rectangle glitters will surely remind you of one of my favorite childhood toys.”

One smooth coat of Naild'it Lego No Way Yo on China Glaze Starboard.

I must say I am highly conflicted about this logo. I have a deep love for pine trees and can’t get enough of them, which means part of me is already mentally placing all future Naild’it polishes I’ll own on my future desk at my future job, as ornaments. However, superstitious Swede I am… a horse shoe turned upside down means bad luck. Maybe if I place the bottles upside down to mend the horseshoe situation?

This was purchased on Llarowe
and will be restocked mid-may.

2 thoughts on “Naild’it Unique Nail Polish: Lego No Way Yo

  1. Actually in old western homes a horseshoe upside down was placed above the door upside down. It was thought to be a gesture of good luck, as it meant the luck would pour upon you. so… :) that is what the Naild’it logo was going for, luck pouring out, luck uncontained

    • I love that symbolism! Here in sweden, it’s the opposite – if the horseshoe is shaped like a bowl, it will collect the luck like dewdrops. If it’s turned upside down all the luck will fall out and the bowl will be empty. But the old western symbolism is so beautiful, actually POURING luck onto people, not hoarding it in a bowl… :D I shall now refrain from turning my bottles upside down, except for regular maintenance.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts (och hej alla modersmĂĄlstalare) <3

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