NOTD Pop Culture Cosmetics – Freedom

Friday! I’m dancing on my desk, through the corridors of my office, whistling and generally being giddy verging on obnoxious. Because I’ve had a long week and want to go home, you ask? Maybe because I’m in great need to exorcise all thoughts of work from my pretty little head? No, that’s not it.

It’s because I finally have access to my new home! I got the keys in my hand! I feel like the love child of Santa and a singing Disney princess. Hm, that’s an unholy mental image, right there.

Anywho, I’m celebrating this joyous occasion by wearing Pop Culture Cosmetics Freedom – because, free at last I am, free at last!

Pop Culture Cosmetics - Freedom

Pop Culture Cosmetics - Freedom

Freedom is a white crelly with holo micro glitter, large blue/red/holo dot glitter, smaller red rhombi & round glitter, white rectangles (see pinkie) and white/red/blue stars.

This was three thin coats and a generous layer of top coat. Now, this required a little bit of fishing, but within acceptable limits. It required surprisingly little placing once I had the glitters on the brush. Turning the bottle upside down for a few minutes before application should do the trick.

Guess what I will be doing all week end. Painting walls off course! Wohii!

This product was purchased with my own funds.

Find your PCCs on Etsy or their own shop here
Full sized bottles are 15mL, USD 8.00
minis are 5mL, USD 4.00
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17 thoughts on “NOTD Pop Culture Cosmetics – Freedom

    • Jag med! Älska dots. Lite extra mycket överlack så skaver de inte alls.
      Lovar bilder! Vad bra att du sa det, då har jag faktiskt en ursäkt att lägga upp bilder utan att känna mig som en exhibitionist :D Lägger upp dem på ansiktsboken!

      • Jag har inte fb, för mycket folk i min ålder som skaffar barn, blir så deprimerad av det i min singelensamhet med två katter och ingen man, däremot ser jag gärna det i bloggen, finns väl inget roligare än att snuska loss på folks privatliv!

  1. You know, I must be one of those rare people who doesn’t mind fishing a bit… I mean it’s to be expected when you’re using this kind of glitter, you know? And heck, “fishing” allows you to come up with more creative amounts or patterns than you would if you just applied the polish normally. Anyway, this stuff is gorgeous!

    • You know what, you’re really speaking to me now. I don’t mind fishing either, to me it’s almost like meditation. That quiet time when I can let go of all thoughts except the project at hand and the colours – I love the simplicity of it. Weird, huh?
      Isn’t Freedom the perfect “patriot polish” too? It’s just so well assembled.

      • It is pretty relaxing, now that I think of it. I just finished testing out an indie polish called London Bridge by Pretty Jelly and did a lot of fishing with it. It wasn’t necessary but given my personal tastes I decided to glob a few drops on a piece of paper and fish out the best pieces of glitter to add onto each nail (after two or three coats, of course). Here’s the polish I’m talking about: (When I did it I fished out more gold bits than she did for her photos. It looks great both ways though!)

      • Hey that’s a really good trick! I must try it next time. Im thinking it has to be a paper that doesnt easily dissolve, wouldn’t want paper fibres in my polish bottles.. Thanks for the tip!

        That polish look gorgeous, I wish I had a wedding or something equallt festive to attend soon so I could really dress up and flaunt something like this on my nails :D

      • Yup. It definitely allows you more control of how it ends up looking and it’s easy to do in a second. I just use plain printer paper, lol. I only drop a small glob on the paper each time though because I don’t want to be wasteful, I just want to fish out exact pieces. You have to do a new “glob” every so often because it dries quickly on paper and then you can’t fish the glitter out. That’s not really an issue no matter how you go about it though because it doesn’t take THAT long to paint your nails :)

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