China Glaze Monsters Ball Halloween 2013, quick swatches

Slap my nuts and call me Barbie! I never thought a parcel from Singapore took less than 10 days to land in Sweden. I placed this order nine days ago and here it is. This specific parcel contained three polishes from the Halloween offerings of China Glaze, the Monsters Ball collection.
Just a quick swatch for now.

China Glaze Hallloween 2013 Monster Ball

Boo-gie Down, Bump In The Night, Howl You Doin’

Boo-gie Down is a fun glitter topper. Black, white and copper hexes in two sizes, small black and copper glitter, plus a few thin black bars and very few large black hexes. I never got my hands on any toppers from the Glitz n Pieces collection, but to me this looks like a halloween version of those. This is one dabbed coat plus topper.

Bump In The Night, a textured jet black thingy that dries semi matte. Looks just like a road after a rain storm, I want to drop crispy orange leaves on this and then drink a cup of hot tea… This is one coat, no topper obviously.

Howl You Doin’ is a warm toned purple jelly with blue and red glitter, which comes off as blurple and hot pink in the tinted base. It also has a very pretty tiny metallic flake that looks light pink. Two coats plus topper here.

As I understand it, there are at least two more polishes in the Monsters Ball collection:
– Fang-tastic, blue and purple or maybe pink glitters.
– Bat My Eyes brown or green glitter, something that might be similar to It’s Alive from the Haunting collection from 2011.

I guess these will be readily available soon, but right now I can’t find any info at all about a release date. I was lucky to stumble over them at PolishAlley, a fun little Singaporean webshop that seems to be very up to date with China Glaze. They also have a special offer if you buy 3 or more China Glazes and might have the fastest service I’ve ever encountered outside Sweden. I can’t wait to see how I like these on. Soon!

9 thoughts on “China Glaze Monsters Ball Halloween 2013, quick swatches

  1. Oh, I like! I just got a new CG polish the other day… I think it was called Light as a Feather. Something like that anyway. They’ve come out with some really cool stuff lately.

    • Lol, that’s actually what I’m wearing today! I really like it in the bottle, but I can’t decide how I like it on the nail.. it has rendered a comment frm a co-worker just now though, and I do like comments! :D

  2. These are actually really cool all three of them! I’m currently waiting for a parcel with some new glittery stuff too which should be on my desk at work already and I’m thinking whether I should go and get it already this weekend because I don’t know if I can wait until I’m back at work on Monday… Nothing wrong with being a bit nuts or barbie ;-)

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