Lush Lacquer glitter toppers

Remember this post when I was trying to make up my mind about which polish to wear for my big birthday? In it I mentioned a huge Lush Lacquer haul from a few months ago and think it’s about time to share a few more of these eye noms, instead of just hoarding them in silence. Feast your eyes! First up is the most summery snow themed polish I own. It makes me ponder what it’s like to celebrate x-mas in Australia.

Lush Lacquer Snow Globe, 1 coat dabbed onto Essie Haute as Hello.Lush Lacquer Snow Globe, 1 coat dabbed onto Essie Haute as Hello.Snow Globe is made up of equal amounts of blue, red, pink and yellow circles, a little larger purple circles, large pink squares and white tiny snow-like mini glitter in a clear base. Application was ok, no real fishing needed except for a few squares, and this is one blob per nail. I’ve layered it on Essie Haute as Hello plus top coat.
Haute – hot – snow! Get the opposites-pun? Sigh, I should give up puns, I know.

Lush Lacquer Mr Bubble. 1 coat on China Glaze Something Sweet.Lush Lacquer Mr Bubble. 1 coat on China Glaze Something Sweet.Mr Bubble has many different sizes and shapes of hot pink, cobalt blue and white mattes in equal proportions, in a clear base. I had to fish out and place the largest glitters, but the process  was a breeze.  Here shown on China Glaze Something Sweet plus top coat. I’m very happy with this combo, but then Mr Bubble is very easy to match. It goes with almost any base colour, just picture this over a cool toned yellow or a warm green…

Lush Lacquer Slumber Party. 1 coat on NYX Girls Algae.Lush Lacquer Slumber Party. 1 coat on NYX Girls Algae.

Slumber Party is a combination of hot pink squares, blue and purple small hexes, smaller black glitter and the same teeny white glitter that Snow Globe has, also in a clear base. I’ve layered it over Nyx Girls Algae. Same application as its siblings, a little dabbing and some fishing for the squares, but not hassly at all. This is my favourite combination of the three, I wore it for two whole days which is a very long time in my world.

To conclude, Lush Lacquer does not disappoint. Good application plus fun glitter combos that obviously comes from hearty craftsmanship means these toppers are little happy makers! Also, the endless combinations of base colour and glitter toppers gives my stash new life.

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Find your Lush Lacquers on Llarowe or on Etsy.
A full sized bottle retails from 9 to 11 USD
(60-75 SEK)

13 thoughts on “Lush Lacquer glitter toppers

  1. Vilken fröjd för ögonen detta var! Du har matchat med bra lack under glitterlacken också tycker jag! Hehe, ordvitsar ska du absolut inte sluta med, jag älskar ordvitsar :)

    • Underfärgen kan “make or break” ett glittertopplack, men här tycker jag både och kom till sin rätt. Superskönt!

      Jag tror förresten inte jag skulle kunna sluta med ordvitsar om mitt liv hängde på det… :D

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