Green Wednesday: jelly sandwich

Time to bring the greens out again! Don’t you just love those Green Wednesdays?
My contribution this week is a combo I’ve been wanting to try all summer, a jelly sandwich of American Apparel Pacific Beach and Lush Lacquer Splish Splash. Now, I know these are more teals than they are greens, but in my book they are green-leaning teals! Which makes them greens. Impeccable logic, that is.

AA Pacific Beach LL Splish Splash 1 AA Pacific Beach LL Splish Splash 2

These are two coats of Pacific Beach with one dabbed coat of  Splish Splash in between, plus top coat. I like it, but I don’t love it.. what do you think?
For more green Swedish manicures, head over to Karin‘s blog!

Me, I’m going on my first trip for work tomorrow morning, wish me luck. See you girls Friday again!


13 thoughts on “Green Wednesday: jelly sandwich

    • Å Karin tycker du! Vad kul :) Jag önskar den blivit lite mer glittrig dock, känns som att jag borde haft fler lager glitter.

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